The Pick Me Upper

Over time, the build-up routine stress may contribute to serious mental disorders like depression or anxiety. The lack of access to affordable mental health care is also a cause for concern.


The act of cleaning is proven to be an effective stress reliever.


A home is an extension of oneself, and it feels good to keep it tidy. 

Therefore, we encourage people to relieve their stress by incorporating the habit of cleaning, using Bounty. 


Bounty’s existing tagline is “The Quicker Picker Upper” which encapsulates its superior absorbing capacity. When coupled with our idea, “The Pick Me Upper” was born.

Product Innovation

‘The Pick me upper’ is inspired by the ability of clean surroundings that help in uplifting your mood. By redesigning the paper napkins to look like a journal, we let people write what they are stressed about and then clean it away.

Print and OOH


We place a lotus-shaped installation in common spaces of universities and offices. Visitors can write what’s stressing them out and then stick it on the installation. With every addition, the lotus blooms further to convey how a person in stress should not lose hope but thrive like a lotus in a swamp.

SEO and Keyword Targeting

We target specific keywords and phrases people would usually use in order to get help relieving stress.

For example, if you type "how to relieve stress" on Google, we would have a Bounty napkin, when clicked, would erase all the "stress" on the screen, hence, metaphorically driving the point that cleaning helps to lift your spirits up.


CW: Omkcar Shethe

AD: Shikhar Bafna